Fabric, fit and finish

Jul 24th 2018

Customers sometimes ask me how I pick new lines and styles of clothing for the store. The first thing to look for is a collection of clothing that catches the eye and has a unique quality. I establish that the price point works for my base of customers. 

Then I apply the 3 F's: fabric, fit and finish. 

  1. The fabric should feel wonderful to the touch and easy to care for by being either hand or machine washable. 
  2. I ask the salesperson to put the garment on so I can see if the fit will be complimentary to most body types. 
  3. The garment must be finished well including matching seams and straight hems as well as general craftsmanship.

If all these elements come together, I am confident the line will do well at the store and customers will love it.


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